Masker (1) - Hout - Kagle Mask - Dan Kran - Ivory Coast - Dan - Ivoorkust

Masker (1) - Hout - Kagle Mask - Dan Kran - Ivory Coast - Dan - Ivoorkust
2e helft 20e eeuw - Goed

Provenance : private P. Vandenbergh collection.
Dating : 1st half of the 20th century
Dimensions : 27 x 15 cm.
Material : wood.

Kagle Mask - Dan Kran - Ivory Coast.
Of a cubist design, the plane face is dominated by angular features projected into the space. Eyes pierced in triangles echo the cheekbones, marked by the side protrusions framing the top of the nose and the mouth, forming a triangle itself. The inclination of the forehead carved in visor, strongly contributes to include the volumes in the space. Beautiful opposition between the strictness of the angular volumes and the curves of the forehead. Brown, smooth patina. We can also note on the back a very interesting patina perfectly mixing the wear obtained over the years and traces of friction.
We find a Bassa influence, even Dan-Kran in this piece whose forehead is rounded and rounded and the gaping and slippery mouth, in strong projection.
When Pablo Picasso and other contemporary artists discovered this type of mask, they immediately perceived that the sculptor's desire was not to represent reality, but to express what is not expressed, to show what not seen. The mouth and the forehead and the eyes no longer had anything to do with reality, but symbolized the idea of ​​seeing or even the concept of a view beyond reality, seeing what is not visible. It was a powerful lever that served to turn art around in the West.

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Kagle Mask - Dan Kran - Ivory Coast
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2e helft 20e eeuw
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27×15×0 cm
1 kg
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