Borowski Studio - Glazen object - Glas

Borowski Studio - Glazen object - Glas
Polen - 2000-present

Chicko III - Borowski Studio

17 x 14 x 12 cm

With the exceptional consent of the Borowski family to display the object from their studio.

Studio Borowski

Studio Borowski was founded in 1990 by Stanisław Borowski, an artist and engraver who has been known for 30 years. His works are in the collections of many museums, galleries and private collections around the world.

In 1993, Studio Borowski was taken over by Stanisław's sons, Paweł and Wiktor Borowski. They extended the offer of Studio Borowski with their projects: a collection of original glass accessories, a collection of luminous objects made entirely of glass, and furniture - animals.

Perfectly made glass objects delight and irritate at the same time. They are delightful because they are different from what we have seen so far. They irritate because they elude our aesthetic habits and tastes ...

The Great Artist and Father shares his passions with his sons. He reveals the secrets of glass, shares the knowledge gained over the years of hard work at the smelting furnace. He slowly gives up his workshop to his sons...

This continuity of the family tradition constitutes the global phenomenon of Studio Borowski. Stanisław Borowski has created a well-functioning family business. Unique, original, surprising, extraordinary, avant-garde and beautiful glass. Glass made by Borowski!

Glazen object
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Borowski Studio
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