2 pcs Sneeuwvlok Obsidiaan - 48.80 ct

2 pcs Sneeuwvlok Obsidiaan - 48.80 ct
Cabochon - No Certification

Length: 33 mm

Most: 21 mm

Height: 5 mm

Weight: 4.96 Gr.

Length: 33 mm

Most: 20 mm

Height: 5 mm

Weight: 4.78 Gr.

Natural. Unprocessed.

Snowflake Obsidian is a “stone of purity,” bringing truth and balance to the mind, body, and spirit, and is especially empowering for accepting change and transformation in one’s life. It calms and soothes the system, and helps one be more receptive to recognizing unnecessary patterns of negativity, self-defeat, “poor me” victimization, or unyielding emotional stress. Snowflake Obsidian allows one to see through the darkness of adversity and to realign with the light, perceiving sources of support that may have been overlooked or taken for granted, and to find the strength and willingness to shift one’s reality for the better. It inspires new ideas to improve one’s condition, and opens new pathways of spiritual thought and connection
It is believed that certain gemstones and minerals have beneficial health and spiritual properties. Catawiki cannot guarantee or be held liable for these suggested attributes which have no scientific evidence and cannot be considered a substitute for traditional medical treatment.

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Sneeuwvlok Obsidiaan
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No Certification
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