Italië - Document, Insigne, Medaille, Fascistische broche - speld - badge ONB-decoratie - 1926

Italië - Document, Insigne, Medaille, Fascistische broche - speld - badge ONB-decoratie - 1926
Origineel - Emaille, Metaal, Papier - In zeer goede staat

Italy 1926
Fascist period - ONB Opera Nazionale Balilla
- Award brooch for the 1st Conv. Ginnastica Reg. Scolastica Bolzano May 1926
Size: 38 x 25 mm.
- Registration card wtih name for the XIII Italian National Gymnastic Competition, May 1926
with images of the required elementary exercises to perform.
Dimensions: 14.2 x 18.4 cm.
A bit of history:
After the march on Rome on 28 October 1922, the newly established Mussolini regime posed the problem of how to "fascistize" society, starting with the youngest: in December 1925 Mussolini made the former “Ardito” Renato Ricci leader of the youth movement of the PNF (Avanguardia Giovanile Fascista) with the task of "reorganizing youth from a moral and physical point of view".
The Law of 3 April 1926 no. 2247 [2] marked the birth of the Opera Nazionale Balilla (ONB) as an autonomous body, directed by Ricci until 1937. As a complement to the educational system, the ONB was theoretically "meant for...the assistance as well as the physical and moral education of youth." It would include young people from 6 to 18 years old, divided into three sub-institutions: Figli della Lupa (from 6 to 8 years), Balilla (from 8 to 14 years) and Avanguardisti (from 14 to 18 years) and was focused on spiritual, cultural and religious education as well as pre-military, gymnastic-sports, professional and technical education according to the fascist ideology. The purpose of the ONB was to instill in young people a sense of discipline and military education, making them aware of their “Italianità” and of their role as "fascists of tomorrow."

Document, Fascistische broche - speld - badge ONB-decoratie, Insigne, Medaille
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