Kowa Binocolo Highlander Prominar / Fluorite lens / Oculari 32 X

Kowa Binocolo Highlander Prominar / Fluorite lens / Oculari 32 X
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Kowa High Lander Prominar 82 mm astronomy binoculars with pair of 32x eyepieces, used only 4 times, but in mint condition.

Fluorite crystal lenses - made in Japan.
The 82 mm diameter lenses of the High Lander offer spectacular contrast and image sharpness. The pure colours and sharpness, resulting from decades of development and research, will surprise you. The light transmission is at the highest level and this makes all the difference when used in low light conditions; where all binoculars are put to the test, the Kowa High Lander gives its best, thanks to the precision construction, the optical performance and the diameter of the objective lenses. And that’s not all! Unlike most binoculars on the market, the lenses used are made of fluorite crystals. The fluorite used here is a single crystal that contains no impurities, but it is not very easy to process and is only used on high-quality products.

Schmidt-Pecan prisms and C3 treatment.
By increasing the amount of light transmitted, a brighter field of view is achieved. The use of “C3 Coating” avoids unpleasant internal reflections and guarantees a very high percentage of transmitted light of about 99%. The High Lander binoculars use a Schmidt-Pechan prism; one surface of the prism does not provide full reflection, so a highly reflective C3 coating was applied. This ensures 99% reflectivity across the entire visible spectrum (400–700 nm). The glass used is BAk4 and SK15, which offer a high Abbe number (low dispersion) and excellent correction of optical aberrations. Faithful colours and sharpness at the highest possible level. The Schmidt-Pecan optical scheme features 6 reflections and 4 air/glass passes.

All optical components of the Kowa High Lander Prominar are made in Japan from high-quality elements and all surfaces are fully multi-treated. These treatments ensure that light transmission, colour definition, brightness and contrast are always at their best. The binoculars therefore produce images of exceptional sharpness.

Eyepieces and lenses are covered with Kowa Repelling (KR) treatment; KR technology works to block grease, fluids and dirt from accumulating on the surface of each treated lens, making cleaning much easier and immediate.

Optical aberrations
Chromatic aberration is absent at the centre of the field, while it starts to be visible at the end of the field of view. However, this factor is highly dependent on the brightness of the subject being framed and poor lighting conditions (e.g. strong backlighting). Chromatic aberration is however very low compared to higher priced binoculars with the same optical scheme. The High Lander does not have a perfectly flat field: images in daytime use are perfect up to 88% of the field of view, while towards the end of the field there is a slight blurring. The cut-off of the prisms is perfectly circular with no loss of light at the edges.

Ergonomics and ease of use
The High Lander Prominar series incorporates a number of practical features that help improve the user’s daily experience.

Kowa has increased the size of the single focusing wheel for each eyepiece so that it responds precisely even to the slightest movement. The focus adjustment is knurled for easy grip, with no play. The dioptre adjustment ring nut does not have a locking system, however it does not rotate easily if not pushed, maintaining the adjustment. The focus adjustment is separate for each eyepiece, allowing simple and immediate dioptric adjustment. The High Lander Prominar binoculars feature a large bridge and a central hinge for adjusting the interpupillary distance.

The blinkers, which can be adjusted in three ways, allow you to rest your eyes comfortably, adapt the binoculars to your face and adjust the blinkers to suit the light conditions. This allows you to observe for a long time without discomfort, even if you wear glasses. The lens hood is foldable when not in use.

The frame of the binoculars is made entirely of magnesium, a luxury found only in high-end binoculars; the body is thick and comes in a very elegant dark grey colour, making it very aesthetically pleasing. The ergonomics are also excellent, with grooves for the thumbs to allow a firmer and easier grip. On the outside, the protective rubber coating on the lens is smooth, and there is a handle in the middle of the bridge for easy carrying.

Use in adverse weather conditions
The High Lander Prominar binoculars are fully waterproof, but cannot be used under water. Kowa engineers sealed each lens by filling it with nitrogen gas; this measure is intended to counteract internal fogging of the lenses, a common problem when binoculars are subjected to sudden changes in temperature. It also protects the binoculars against mould and other internal condensation problems. The magnesium outer coating also ensures that even when the binoculars are wet you have a firm and secure grip. Please note: there is no waterproofing in the eyepiece holder part of the binoculars.

The High Lander Prominar is recommended for birdwatching, nature watching or astronomy.


Magnification: 32x (with supplied eyepieces)
Diameter: 82 mm
Exit pupil: 2.6 mm
Glass: fluorite.
Coating: Phase coating, complete, multilayer (Kowa C³ coating)
Rubber shells: swivelling
Focusing: On all optical trains with MAF on single eyepiece
Splash-proof: yes
Thread for tripod attachment: yes
Eyepieces for spectacle wearers: yes
Waterproof: yes

Minimum focusing distance (m): 20.0 m
Length: 430 mm
Width: 240 mm
Height: 150 mm
Weight: 6280 g

Shipping by insured mail and with adequate packaging to ensure the protection and confidentiality of its contents.

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Binocolo Highlander Prominar / Fluorite lens / Oculari 32 X
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